About Us

About Us

Teton Leadership Center (TLC) is dedicated to empowering organizational leaders, entrepreneurs, and community members with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to create a sustainable and prosperous future. Through education, dialogue, and research, we strive to ignite 21st-century leadership practices that foster economic growth, holistic health, and balance between growth and sustainability in personal, community, and environmental domains.

Our center serves as a dynamic learning hub where individuals can explore deeper connections, wider engagement with the environment, and stronger bonds with the community as critical measures of organizational success. By cultivating core values of Courage, Innovation, Connection, Civility, Collaboration, Reciprocity, we aim to inspire transformative change that benefits not only individuals and organizations but also the greater ecosystem.

We believe that when we learn to listen deeply, see broadly, and navigate complex conversations with civility, we elevate humanity and generate prosperity. At Teton Leadership Center, we are committed to doing good, so that everyone can do well.

How it Works

3 Pillars: Education, Dialogue, Research




Course Offerings

  • Deepening into Purpose / Laying the Foundation for Next-Level Leadership (understanding personal motivators, patterns, and mindsets)
  • Building Synergy, Effectiveness, and Decision-Making (expanding awareness, shifting out of dualistic mindsets, next-level communication, listening, alignment)
  • Creating Wholeness (understanding and shifting systems and structures for overall wellness, reconnection, and holistic success)
  • Growing New Roots: Building a New Kind of Organization


Research Initiative

  • Developing baseline metrics to build and measure healthy holistic organizations and communities

Founding Team

Sandy Schultz Hessler
TLC Executive Director &
Director of Entrepreneurship, Central Wyoming College

Sandy has over 30 years experience in business from blue chips to start ups along with a lifetime of study on human potential. Before creating the Start Up Institute / Start Up Success in Jackson she was a co-founder of Imagitas, former Procter & Gamble Brand Manager, and Assistant Dean at Harvard University.

Lynne McAuliffe
Dean, Central Wyoming College

Lynne has served in senior level executive positions in management and marketing. She holds a Master’s degree in Leadership Studies. Lynne has worked for Central Wyoming College for over 20 years and is currently the Dean of Business, Technical, Health & Safety, including Entrepreneurship programs.

Gary Trauner
Executive Director, Silicon Couloir

Accomplished senior-level leader with extensive financial, operational and managerial experience across a wide array of industries. He has over 25 years’ experience in startup, growth, and mature organizations, both public and private.

Dr. Brad Tyndall
President, Central Wyoming College

Dr. Brad Tyndall has worked for community colleges for more than 19 years. Tyndall has a Ph.D. in Economics with specializations in Environmental Economics and International Finance. His master’s degree is in Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; both from Colorado State University.

Sue Muncaster
Marketing and Sponsorship

A forward thinking serial adventupreneur Sue is the founder of Slow Food in the Tetons, Teton Family Magazine, and the Treetop Adventure at Snow King Mountain where she served as Chief Adventure Officer and Director of Sales. Through her communications consulting firm, Teton Strong, she explores the intentional mental, physical, social, and spiritual practices characteristic of a values-driven outdoor lifestyle.

Jennifer Marshall Weydeveld
TLC Team Member

Weydeveld started her career at the Smithsonian Institution and went on to hold several senior positions in marketing and communications. She has a bachelor’s degree from Boston University and a master’s degree from Georgetown University.

Susan Durfee
TLC Team Member

Directs and manages the Teton County outreach center of Central Wyoming College. Experienced and creative education and arts administrator with a successful history of building collaborative programs to meet strategic community goals and creating and developing education and cultural programs.

Rebecca Reimers
TLC Team Member

A Teton regional resident since the early 90’s, Rebecca Reimers has worked in Jackson’s thriving nonprofit sector for over a decade. Rebecca is dedicated to helping keep the region’s cultural and ecological fabric strong by supporting value-based entrepreneurs through dynamic and creative programs and events at Silicon Couloir.