Leadership. Such a big and overwhelming word. Yet, Leadership is about practice and not about perfection. And it begins with the daily steps we take in how we show up and the myriad of decisions we make (researchers say about 35,000 a day).

As we look to the challenges and opportunities of today, and into the future, learning the skills, frameworks and foundations of leadership become more important than ever – whether you’re just joining the job market, looking to take the next organizational step, or starting your own business.


Learn how to bring out the best in who you are and those around you; build your leadership foundation and definition of success; shift decision-making into conscious alignment with your vision and values; effectively utilize time and manage priorities; better listen; communicate and negotiate; inspire and empower others.

Who is the program for?

Anyone wishing to further develop their leadership understanding, mindset and skills to cultivate a sustainable, flourishing future for all.

NEXT LEVEL LEADERSHIP Aug 26 – Dec 13, 2024

In this course, students will develop their leadership foundation by expanding their understanding and awareness of the different patterns and lenses we look through and how that impacts how we see the world, leading to our behaviors, interactions, decision-making, and overall leadership skills, styles, and mindset.

Learning to see wider leads to better communication and negotiation abilities; creative, problem-solving and innovation skills; and improved prioritization and time management.

Learning Objectives:

  • Ability to identify I-We-Its paradigms and how they impact leadership and organizational culture.
  • Gain insights on how our personal patterns and styles affect communication and outcomes.
  • Insights into how our cultural beliefs affect our perspective and decision making, particularly concerning externalities and value generated.
  • Understand complexity, systems theory, paradox and coherence within team situations
  • Map out alternatives using creative problem-solving tools.

Study Topics:

  • Adult Development Theory
  • The Power of Values, Vision & Success
  • Defining Complexity, Collaboration, Systems theory, Synergy, Paradox and Coherence with respect to Businesses, Community and Decision Making
  • Multivariate Analysis; Game Theory
  • Understanding Personal Patterns
  • Externalities and Total Value Generated
  • Expanding beyond to a “Both ~ And” world
  • Risk Management

Course Details

Aug 26 – Dec 13, 2024

The course will be a combination of lecture, case studies, small group work, and interactive activities. Homework/reading expectations of about 3 hours per week. There will be a final presentation requirement. 

In-person instruction at Central Wyoming College Jackson Campus at the Center for the Arts.

Class size is limited to 25 people.

Faculty & Cost


TBD – Check back soon!


  • Wyoming residents $480 + $24 fee
  • Idaho residents $627 + $24 fee


For more information or to register, email us at or call 307-200-6155