Teton Leadership Center, Kick Off Summit 2023 ~ Sept 23 Evening Presentations

Introduction to TLC with Sandy Schultz Hessler & Lynne McAuliffe;

Keynote speakers Jonathan Schechter & Jim Richie Dunham

Laying The Foundation: Presentation of the results of the public opinion survey of area residents about what we care about and how we feel about where we are going as a baseline for how we can build our leadership abilities to create a thriving community.

With Jonathan Schechter; Jackson Town Council Member & President & Founder of the Charture Institute.

Total Value Generated: You as a Source of Good Growth: It is possible to serve all the stakeholders in your sphere and to fully engage the creative energies available to you. It is time to say Yes! to the creation of net-positive systems.

Presented by Dr. Jim Ritchie-Dunham; President of the Institute for Strategic Clarity and The Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University.


DR. JIM RITCHIE-DUNHAM; President, Institute for Strategic Clarity & The Human Flourishing Program, Harvard University Dr. Jim Ritchie-Dunham stewards a global initiative to create net-positive systems. He is the founder and president of the Institute for Strategic Clarity, researcher in Harvard’s Human Flourishing Program and in Harvard’s Center for Work, Health and Well-being in the School of Public Health, as well as teaching strategy and responsible leadership in the Boston College Carroll School of Management. His scholarly research on abundance-based systems of agreements is informed by field tests in 59 countries and survey data from ~164,000 responses in 126 countries. Dr. Jim Ritchie-Dunham describes this work in the books Agreements 2023, Ecosynomics (2014), and Managing from Clarity (2001), as well as articles, videos, and online courses. Heis the lead co-editor of the book Leadership for Flourishing to be published by Oxford University Press.

JONATHAN SCHECHTER: Founder & Executive Director of the Charture Institute, and Jackson Town Councilmember Jonathan has been a member of the Jackson WY town council since 2019, and is also the founder and Executive Director of the Charture Institute, a Jackson-based think tank. Charture’s focus is on Co-Thriving, the state in which human communities and the natural environments around them simultaneously flourish. A graduate of Stanford and Yale universities Jonathan’s professional and political careers have been built around two fundamental premises: As a species, humans can be no healthier than the ecosystems in which we live; and as a society, we can be no healthier than our institutions. In addition to relishing the embarrassment of riches that is life in the Tetons region, Jonathan is the proud parent of his Tetons born-and-raised son Alex, a professor of sculpture at Clemson University.