Matthew McCarthy on Courage and Clarity

Matthew McCarthy, recently retired CEO of Ben & Jerry’s, discusses what living from and navigating through next-level leadership has taught him about what is possible.

With over 30 years in the corporate world, Matthew McCarthy has built a career transforming business. From starting in a family business to leading $1 billion-plus global companies, Matthew has been at the forefront of re-inventing business to drive results through purpose. He was the CEO of Ben & Jerry’s for the past 5 years, leading the company to its greatest period of financial growth and social mission impact. He recently wrapped up a 26-year run at Unilever where he led some of the most iconic and pioneering brands in the consumer packaged industry.

Matthew’s impact and leadership has received broad recognition including Cannes Gold Lion, Fast Company’s Most Creative People In Business, Adweek’s Brand Genius award, and Columbia Business School’s Botwinick Prize in Business Ethics. Matthew’s body of work speaks to his human-centered leadership approach and he is inspired to participate in the TLC Summit. He is a mentor and coach, and also considers himself a life-long student, especially in matters of gender and racial equity, reparative justice and environmental regeneration. Matthew’s wife Lisa is the Director of the Zoological Health Program at the Wildlife Conservation Society, Bronx Zoo. They make their home in New York’s Hudson Valley.